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Mirrors of the Economy: National Accounts and International Norms in Russia and Beyond. Cornell University Press, 2010.

  • Honorable Mention for the 2011 Ed A. Hewett Book Prize.

  • Annual award for an outstanding monograph on the political economy of Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe.

Measuring Identity: A Guide for Social Scientists. Edited by Rawi Abdelal, Yoshiko Herrera, Alastair Iain Johnston, and Rose McDermott. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Imagined Economies: The Sources of Russian Regionalism. Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Who’s a fascist? Book symposium on Is Russia Fascist? by Marlène Laruelle,” Nationalities Papers, 2022, First View online.

Take A Chance: Trust-Building Across Identity Groups,” with Andrew H. Kydd,

Journal of Peace Research, First View online.

“Transparency in Qualitative Research: An Overview of Key Findings and Implications
of the Deliberations”
(with Alan Jacobs and Tim Büthe and 48 coauthors), and “Research in Authoritarian and Repressive Contexts” (with Eva Bellin, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, and Diane Singerman), Perspectives on Politics, 2021, 19:1, pp. 171–200.


“Eurasia and Postcommunism: Weasel Words?” (with Anton Shirikov, and Dmitrii
Kofanov) in “Weasel Words and the Analysis of ‘Postcommunist Politics’: A Symposium,”
East European Politics and Societies, 2020, 34:2, pp.283–325.


“Teaching Computerized Content Analysis for Undergraduate Research Papers” (with
Steven L. Wilson), PS: Political Science & Politics, 2019, pp. 1–7.

“Xenophobia on the Rise? Temporal and Regional Trends in Xenophobic Attitudes
in Russia”
(with Hannah S. Chapman, Kyle L. Marquardt, and Theodore P. Gerber),
Comparative Politics, 2018, 50:3, pp. 381–394.


“Pride Versus Prejudice: Ethnicity, National Identity, and Xenophobia in Russia”
(with Nicole B. Kraus), Comparative Politics, 2016, 48:3, pp. 293–315.


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related identities”
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Book Chapters

Russia: Muddling Through Populism and the Pandemic,” (with Anton Shirikov and Valeriia Umanets), in Nils Ringe and Lucio Renno, eds. Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Responded to COVID-19, Routledge, 2023, Chp 15, pp. 173–183.

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Other Work

“The influence of Ronald G. Suny’s work: A visual display of the number of works and fields that cite his work,” with Helen Cho, Festschrift for Ronald Suny, University of Michigan, 2016.

“The U.S. and Russian Interventions in Syria: Room for Cooperation or Prelude to Greater Conflict,” by Yoshiko Herrera, Andrew Kydd, and Fyodor Lukyanov, Working Group On The Future of U.S.- Russia Relations, Working Paper #5, December 2015.

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The Yoshikoder, a cross-platform multilingual content analysis program. Developed by Will Lowe as part of the Identity Project, under the direction of Rawi Abdelal, Yoshiko Herrera, and Iain Johnston, at the Weatherhead Center, Harvard University, (2001-2007). 3 of 1

Research in Progress

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